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High Pressure Die Casting

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Virocast helps transform great ideas into solid products

At Virocast we offer high pressure aluminium and zinc die casting services

Die Casting Virocast has been delivering products since 1989 for our local and European markets. Our experience in casting methods and unrivalled service has helped us build trust amongst our clients. Our dedication to quality means we only use German machinery to manufacture aluminium and zinc castings up to a weight of 4Kg.

Die Casting Aluminium

Ciśnieniowe odlewanie aluminium

We produce light, durable and heat-resistant aluminum alloy castings produced on quality machines.

Die Casting Zinc

ciśnieniowe odlewanie cynku-znalu

We produce good quality zinc casts finished to a high specification

Mechanical & Surface Processing

obróbka mechaniczna i powierzchniowa

We specialise in machining and surface finishing of various metal components.


We offer high accuracy and using cost effective Toolmaking services using the highest quality materials.

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