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aluminium die casting.

Die Casting Aluminium

Ciśnieniowe odlewanie aluminium

We produce light, durable and heat-resistant aluminum alloy castings produced on quality machines.

Die Casting Zinc

ciśnieniowe odlewanie cynku-znalu

We produce good quality zinc casts finished to a high specification

Mechanical & Surface Processing

obróbka mechaniczna i powierzchniowa

We specialise in machining and surface finishing of various metal components.


We offer high accuracy and using cost effective Toolmaking services using the highest quality materials.

Aluminum Foundry

Pressure aluminum casting made by foundry “Virocast” meets doubtless projects with a high degree of difficulty, through the use of appropriate metallurgies technology. Aluminum castings are made in time, which is closely linked to the size and number of orders.

Cast aluminum pressure method, followed by the use of cold chamber machines and the use of molds made of special steel alloys.

27 years of experience in the foundry market, provides satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Characteristics of aluminum

  • Lightness and resistance to high temperatures
  • Excellent electric conductivity
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Good finishing
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Very good strength and hardness
  • Suitable stiffness


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The terms of the aluminum castings are always determined with the client on the basis of the previously discussed guidelines and contract terms and conditions. A thorough assessment of the projecting carried out by our engineers who can determine the exact project schedule.

Finished aluminum castings are safely packaged and sent to the address specified by the customer.

Applications for aluminum alloys:

  • Aluminium castings are durable and lightweight and have good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Aluminum is used widely including in the construction industry, engineering industry, railway, transportation and so on
  • The use of aluminum components in the automotive industry reduces emissions of CO ^ 2 due to reduced vehicle weight and the amount of fuel consumed
  • Castings of aluminum alloy can be repeatedly recycled without losing its properties.

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