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Metal injection moulding.

Die Casting Aluminium

Ciśnieniowe odlewanie aluminium

We produce light, durable and heat-resistant aluminum alloy castings produced on quality machines.

Die Casting Zinc

ciśnieniowe odlewanie cynku-znalu

We produce good quality zinc casts finished to a high specification

Mechanical & Surface Processing

obróbka mechaniczna i powierzchniowa

We specialise in machining and surface finishing of various metal components.


We offer high accuracy and using cost effective Toolmaking services using the highest quality materials.


We have a number of carefully chosen toolmakers who specialise in high pressure die casting. Making sure that the quality of the mould is up to a high specification.

Our toolmakers specialise in a number of tooling methods. At Virocast we support our customer right from the initial design to make sure that tools are capable of delivering desired quality on machines they are used on.

Characteristics of Die tools

  • Dimensional precision
  • Surface Finish
  • Diecastings for mass production


* If you are not sure which technology and metal alloy production to select for your product, please contact us. Our staff will be happy to help you during a dedicated meeting or telephone consultation.


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Moulds made by the pressure method have many advantages such as increased metal yield, the elimination of molding, very high dimensional accuracy of castings, as well as high smoothness of the surface. In these forms is very easy to get thin wall castings. Using the mold significantly reduces the cost of mass production while increasing the efficiency of the casting process.

The molds have the ecological aspect, since the flooding did not enter the atmosphere toxic compounds from the group of BTX in contrast to traditional forms of sand.
Process cut out casting shells, guided by our company, involves filling the mold with molten metal of the filling equipment under pressure, after shooting mold cavity solidifies to form a finished casting which after breaking is subjected to surface treatment.


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