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Die Casting Aluminium

Ciśnieniowe odlewanie aluminium

We produce light, durable and heat-resistant aluminum alloy castings produced on quality machines.

Die Casting Zinc

ciśnieniowe odlewanie cynku-znalu

We produce good quality zinc casts finished to a high specification

Mechanical & Surface Processing

obróbka mechaniczna i powierzchniowa

We specialise in machining and surface finishing of various metal components.


We offer high accuracy and using cost effective Toolmaking services using the highest quality materials.

Aluminium and Zinc Foundry

odlewnia metali kolorowych odlewarka


Using the method of pressure casting, we gain:

  • The great production capacity (from 30 to several hundred) fills the mold within an hour.
  • Significantly improved physical and chemical products, (with respect to the castings) are made by gravity, through the getting of a fine structure of the product.
  • Castings with complex and multi-faceted shapes and thin walls which are characterized by very high dimensional accuracy.
  • One of the biggest advantages of cut-out casting, is the ability to eliminate all types of post-processing of castings, which translates directly to lower the cost of production of each lot produced.

It is expected that the worldwide share of pressure casting in the next two decades, will continue to grow, and this is due to the increasing demand for technical foundry products. At the moment, the biggest recipient of cut-out casting, among others, the automotive industry, where together with the development of technology is used more and more as a percentage of products manufactured from aluminum alloys.

Casting produced for different industries’s used, in different parts of the machine, whose dimensions and specifications are strictly defined. Therefore, the produced castings must demonstrate a tremendous precision of specific standards and comply with them and additional requirements set by the client.

Thanks to the many advantages of this method of pressure molding is gaining a stronger position in the overall production of castings in the world.

The Foundry Virocast is:

  • Specialist aluminium and zinc foundry
  • Individual approach to client
  • Bringing ideas and sharing knowledge
  • Precision molding
  • Foundry has global ambitions
  • Partnership and mutual trust

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odlewnia metali kolorowych produkty
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