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CNC Milling

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Die casts of aluminium, zinc and other alloys used in die casting technology frequently require an additional process of machining. Strict requirements related to narrow tolerances and finishing of the item surface result in a need to use precise machining techniques. In this article, we will try to present the subject of CNC milling for products delivered by us as a die casting company... Read More

CNC Turning

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The process of machining on a machine called lathe is called turning. The previous sentence provides clear information; however, when you take a closer look at currently used CNC machines, some doubt may arise. We talk about turning when the machined item performs only a rotating movement, and a tool (usually, a tool bit) moves in a longitudinal or a transverse direction in relation to a rotation axis... Read More


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In its principle, wire electrical discharge erosion/machining does not differ much from electrical discharge machining; therefore, the general information can be found in the article about electrical discharge machining (EDM) (link)... Read More


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Electrical discharge machining is a technique in which the material is removed from the processed items due to phenomena accompanying current discharges. The tool used is an electrode, and its shape is reproduced in the work piece... Read More

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