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Virocast has been supporting the European economy with superior die casting since 1989

About Virocast

Join us on a fascinating journey into the very epicentre of Metallurgy Excellence

Standards. Trust. Innovation. Three words that sum up what Virocast stands for. In addition to these characteristics, there is something else, something magical that our customers say somehow "sets us apart".


Aiming for a ‘’ just good quality’’ will not lead you to great products. We believe and identify our strategy with this approach, always striving for the highest quality of our services and final products. Success is one of our strongest ambitions.


Our Trust is based on dialogue and unbiased, clear information flow as we believe that mutually beneficial relationships are the main quality of a solid business.


To achieve the highest quality, we are constantly improving our processes. Drawing on latest research and industry standards, we provide you with the ultimate solutions.

Our Mission

We always aim to achieve the highest standards of everything we do. Our mission is to make you feel confident about our continuously improved procedures and solutions together with fast delivery of high quality products. We want to make sure that your case always comes first and that you feel we are always there for you.

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Our People

Virocast is a place in which employees look forward to working each day, feeling part of the 'Virocast family', with all members sharing a love of casting, and feeling supported both professionally and personally. We employ professionals, who are determined, confident about their skills but also ever-eager to learn. All this helps us to remain effective 'on site', while we are simultaneously expanding our global footprint.

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Our Values

Success is the result of many overlapping factors which are implemented in each project from the initial concept to the final product. These factors form our core values and include an innovative and creative approach to each project, toughness, reliability, fairness and respect for the team and our customers.

Our History

Some important milestones reached on the remarkable Journey of Virocast

Virocast has been delivering castings to the European market since 1989, when Tadeusz Stefaniuk, an entrepreneur opened a metalworking plant in Sulejówek, a suburb of Warsaw, that manufactured jewellery and materials for merchandising. The company gradually expanded its activities to satisfy the burgeoning market demand, embracing casting non-ferrous metals with sand casting technology.

By 1992, the company was well-established, and Stefaniuk took a monumental step: the purchasing of a full production lines TEKCAST for centrifugal casting from the United States – the third of this type of machines in Poland at the time. Short and medium serial production of zinc and tin alloys have become a regular part of the company's activities.

2015 saw the conception of a new vision and strategy for the development of Virocast on the domestic and European market: the company wisely joined forces with three shareholders from the automotive, transport and marketing sectors, to establish Virocast Ltd.

In 2017, Virocast opened a production plant in Tluszcz, located 50 km from the centre of the Polish capital. This meant working on exciting projects in tandem with our partners and resulted in significantly increased production capabilities of the company.

In 2020, Virocast was officially certified with ISO 9001: 2015 the Quality Management System. Our company has also obtained ERP systems for production management. We owe these achievements to consistency in our actions and extremely hard work of our entire team.

1989 1992 2015 2017 2020

Leadership Team

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Managed Organization

We concentrate our focus on structured deliveries of manufactured products. We give our customers a peace of mind by providing timely and high quality services.

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