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Let’s meet You are an approximately two-hour-flight away from meeting us in our facility.

European countries are key economic partners for Poland. Our regions share many common values, such as the work culture and great attention to the quality of our products that adhere to the highest European standards.

Every year Virocast supplies large quantities of aluminium, zinc and plastic castings to the European and other markets. This is possible due to refined logistics between the European countries.

Virocast has international sales representatives, which greatly facilitates the process of information exchange, meetings and workshops for our clients and contractors.

Friendly time zone & distance
LN 09:00 AM (GMT+0)
WA 10:00 AM (GMT+1)
die casting company poland

Companies that decide to delegate their production to the Asian region face a large time difference. At Virocast, we recognize that communication and the ability to organise face-to-face meetings is a key element in delivering quality products within a specified time frame. Our main production unit is located only 40 minutes away from the Warsaw airport. This allows us to organise frequent visits, consultations, and workshops for our clients. Flights from various parts of the UK run daily and take about 2 hours.

Poland is in the Central European Time zone, which means an hour difference in relation to England (GMT+1 ).


Outsourcing to Poland

The way we manage the Virocast organization in Poland is very similar to what you can experience in other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. We pay great attention to such aspects as transparency of production processes and project management using ISO quality management system.

Our sales representatives and engineers are fluent in foreign languages. The EF English Proficiency Index 2019 rated Polish technologists 11th in the world among 100 surveyed countries in terms of language skills.


High Level of education and access to workforce.

The high quality of work would not be possible without access to high education standards. Poland as a country has a long tradition in teaching science and can boast several excellent universities in this field, such as Warsaw University of Technology and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.


Competitive manufacturing costs

Employees from Central and Eastern Europe are well educated and have experience in global projects. It is also worth emphasizing that production prices in Poland are lower than in most Western European countries.

The reason for lower product launch prices on the Polish market is associated with lower labour and living costs in this country compared to Western Europe.


Stable, Growing Economy

When choosing outsourcing and subcontractors, one of the key criteria is selecting a partner in a country with a stable economy and legal situation. Consequently, it is important to find a co-operator from a country with a growing economy and clear rules of conducting business and tax settlements.

Poland is one of the largest economies in the European Union and one of the most dynamically developing economies in Central Europe.

Due to a stable, growing economy, Virocast is able to offer its business partners stable production margins for many years to come.

We think that a conversation, in which we can exchange ideas and discuss your business requirements is a critical first step towards achieving the project’s success.