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CNC Machining Turning Cad files into high tolerances parts using cnc machining process

CNC Machining

Machining technology is a dynamically developing branch of the metallurgy industry that enables an ever wider scope of machining parts with precise dimensional tolerances.

Our modern automated CNC machines, which are properly programmed by a team of best specialists, will add a new quality to your product.

We will increase the precision of the manufactured product, optimize its production time and the associated technology. We will also provide 100% repeatability of the process, full technological documentation and continuous measurement supervision.

Virocast engineers will take care of your serial and unit production, make a prototype part and deliver subassemblies for machine parts.

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a process of removing excess material from a semi-finished product made of such materials as aluminium, steel, brass and cast iron.

Any excess material is removed with high quality spindle-driven cutting tools.

The cutters remove any excess material from the workpiece thus creating the desired shape and giving the component appropriate dimensional tolerances.

This process ensures full repeatability, versatility and production efficiency.


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CNC Turning

In CNC turning technology, the workpiece is mounted in a lathe chuck, which is rotated by the machine drive around its own axis.

Next, a cutting tool approaches the workpiece, removing any excess material.

This technology is mostly used in the production or processing of circular items, less often in the case of products with square or polygonal shapes.

Moreover, CNC lathe machines have additional axes that allow you to stop the turning process to perform additional machining operations such as drilling or milling.


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Electrode drilling EDM is a technology, whereby an electrode in a pre-milled shape, is plunged in the workpiece.

As a result, the machined surface takes on the shape of the pre-milled electrode.

This technology is most often used in the production of components for injection moulds, trimming tools and die casting moulds.


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The WEDM wire cutting technology, like the EDM processing technology, is based on the flow of electric current, but in this case, the cutting electrode is a wire.

Wire cutting starts from the edge of the workpiece. It is also possible to guide it at an angle, which allows for obtaining different shapes at the top and the bottom of the workpiece.

We also have the option of cutting a specific shape inside the product, which requires the preparation of a starting hole for wire insertion.


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