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aluminium die casting
Aluminium Die Casting High Presure aluminium die casting services

Aluminium Die Casting

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Lightweight, durable, precision made, high-temperature resistant aluminium die-casts.

The aluminium die casting process begins with an accurate check and appropriate preparation of the production alloy in melting furnaces. This first stage is crucial for the final casting, which is characterized by its predefined structure and strength.

In the second stage, the melted aluminium is transferred to a holding furnace from which it is fed to a shot sleeve and injected directly through a piston into the cavity of a die casting mould.

High pressure aluminium die casting is carried out by a horizontal cold chamber machine. To increase work efficiency, casting accuracy and the overall quality of manufactured products, the die casting process is automated.

Virocast implements automated aluminium dosing, ladling, mould spraying and die cast extraction systems. The temperature of die casting moulds is also stabilized by a die temperature controller.

Moreover, for customers who require the highest tightness and the lowest porosity of their products, we provide the option of serial production with the use of a vacuum pump.

The next stage involves the trimming of the cast from the gating and venting system or its manual sawing and grinding.

Specialist machining is carried out in numerically controlled machining centres.

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Aluminium castings can be delivered to our contractors in various surface finishing options, i.e., smooth, shiny, and matt. There is also a choice of an additional technical or decorative finish.

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