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zinc die casting
Zinc Die Casting High Pressure zinc die casting services

Zinc Die Casting

die casting zinc

Very precise, durable, with perfect machining capabilities and surface finish.

The process of pressure zinc alloy (ZnAl) die casting , as in the case of aluminium alloys, begins with the appropriate preparation of the alloy itself. The 90% of ingots are melted in an electric furnace integrated with a die casting machine. Each purchased raw material has a chemical composition certificate.

The process of zinc alloy die casting is carried out with hot chamber die casting machines. To ensure a full control of the process, all the machines are equipped with an automated mould spraying system.

Moreover, depending on the type of the manufacturing process, a part can be extracted from a die casting mould by a robot extractor, which transfers it for automatic trimming of the gating system and then places it on a conveyor belt. Smaller parts are automatically ejected from the die casting machine onto a scales, which checks whether each injection cycle was carried out correctly.

A stable and fully reproducible casting process is ensured by heating and cooling devices that regulate the mould temperature. Vacuum devices are used for decorative detail casting.

The advantages of pressure zinc alloy castings include excellent surface processing and finishing properties.

The manufactured products can be delivered as machined, powder coated, galvanised, electroplated, and shot blasted products, with a matt or polished finish.

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